Loving Family Staffing

Qualilty Caregivers When You Need Them

Facility Staffing

RN and LPN certified caregivers for: Nursing Facilities, ICU, ER, Med/Surg., Critical Care and all other specialty units. MA, STNA, and CNA certified caregivers becoming available soon.

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Home Health Staffing

Our nurses and health care professionals have a proven history of providing a full range of services in the home. They assure that the patient receives appropriate medical treatment, prescribed medication, and help with grooming, all with the utmost respect for the patient’s privacy and dignity.

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Please check out our FAQs (currently under construction).

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Contact Us

Give us a call at 419-491-7655 or email us at Staffing@LFHCI.com and we will be happy to provide solutions for you.

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Welcome to Loving Family Staffing!

Fulfilling Last Minute Needs With Experienced Professionals

Whatever you medical staffing requirement, call us to provide a solution.

Sometimes you have a need to schedule competent staff on very short notice. The cost to maintain standby staff in your own organization can be prohibitive. Partnering with Loving Family Staffing lowers that cost by sharing pre-screened and certified caregivers. Contact us now and complete a contract. There is no cost and no obligation until you find a solution with us.

What Our Clients Say!

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

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Loving Family Staffing is Responsive.

We've taken advantage of the short notice availability of caregivers and are extremely pleased to have the contract in place.



Loving Family Staffing is Flexible.

When you need specific staffing now, we provide what you need.


Loving Family Staffing is Comprehensive

There is a variety of types of caregivers available to you right now.



Loving Family Staffing is Enhancing

Having a contract in place with us allows you to enhance your ability to serve your patients.